Fresh Catches

Fin’s Seafood Distributors in Sherwood Park, AB offers an enormous variety of fresh fish that come from numerous locations. We procure the best products from the East and West Coasts, getting supplies from Manitoba, Lake Erie, and Lake Superior.

Fresh batches arrive 4 to 5 times a week, which means every time you pick up it's guaranteed fresh.

Promoting Sustainability

We only purchase fish from federally registered facilities. Currently, we are working on a potential partnership with Oceanwise, a Vancouver Aquarium initiative. Their mission is to spread awareness on sustainability and help support the regrowth of stocks in our oceans.

Rare Species

Fin’s Seafood Distributors has a solid network of dependable vendors and partners, allowing us to source the rarest kinds of fish on this planet. We have access to exotic species during certain seasons, and receive them from virtually anywhere in the world with just a few days’ notice.

We also carry many varieties of frozen fish, include exotic species such as Mahi Mahi, Skate Wing, and frog legs just to name a few.

More Options

We have many options when it comes to seafood. Our facility carries more than a dozen cuts of crab, almost every size of lobster tails, giant prawns, and octopus.

Because of our ability to purchase in large quantities, we get to pass on the savings to you.
Call us at 780-449-3710.