Tasty Shells

Fin’s Seafood Distributors in Sherwood Park, AB receives lobster, oyster, clams, and mussels 2 to 3 times a week from Federal registered facilities. We keep a huge variety of these in stock, all ready to be delivered to your establishment.

Clams and Mussels

Our clams come from the West Coast, together with Gallo mussels that are sourced from Salt Spring Island. Majority of our mussels are from Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. These are considered “premium mussels,” as they are highly regarded around the world due to their distinctive taste and texture.


A lot of our fresh oysters come from the West Coast and the Gulf Islands. During peak season, we carry 12 to 15 varieties of oysters, giving our customers a multitude of choices.


We regularly have live lobsters flown in from Nova Scotia, our location of choice for this globally renowned delicacy. If you require bulk orders, we can prepare the needed quantity with just 3 days’ notice.

The lobsters are transported with rigid temperature and packing controls. This prolongs the lifespan of our products so that we can deliver them to you as fresh as possible.

We carry all sizes of lobsters, from 1 pound to 6 pounds upon request. All prices are based on the current market value.

Let your customers savor the richness of the ocean by sourcing only the best ingredients.
Call us today at 780-449-3710 to inquire about bulk orders.