From Sea to Land

Fin’s Seafood Distributors in Sherwood Park, AB goes beyond being a fish and seafood supplier. We are also a distributor of wild and domestic game products, beef, pork, and lamb.

Premium Cuts

All of our beef products are “AA” or higher, primarily coming from Western Canada. We carry more than just “AAA”. We have access to any cut of beef you require, from steaks to whole muscle cuts. With enough lead time and quantity, we can deliver your order within a couple of days as we will be sourcing the meat from our sister company.

Hunter Favorites

Majority of our game products are sourced from AB, BC, and SK. We regularly store a wide variety that includes venison, reindeer, elk, and wild boar. On top of that, we carry and have access to various fowl such as quails and pheasants.

Duck and Lamb

Our facility also carries duck products, which primarily come from QC. We carry breasts, legs, foie gras, and whole ducks.

One of Fin's Seafood Distributors largest items is Opal Valley lamb from Australia.  We are also a proud supporter of AB lamb and we also store cuts from  New Zealand.


We also carry several kinds of Fresh-Frozen gourmet pasta. These include ravioli, cannelloni, and agnolotti.

Our products are available through our wholesale distribution network.
You can also get them through the retail market with enough prior notice.
Just give us a call at 780-449-3710.