Protecting Our Ecosystem

Fin’s Seafood Distributors in Sherwood Park, AB is a genuine advocate of environmental sustainability. We strongly believe that in order to be a responsible business organization, we should constantly strive to make a tangible, positive impact on our surroundings.

Conserving Supplies

One of the biggest concerns of the seafood industry is the continuous depletion of marine life. We make it a point to source as much sustainable fish and seafood as possible  so that we avoid contributing to this downward trend.

Our company also contributes to the repopulation of our oceans through different methods. One way is by sourcing from reputable, Federally registered, and Oceanwise Program-affiliated suppliers who only process the allowable limits per catch. In addition, our vendors buy directly from local fishermen by purchasing their entire catch.

Strict Guidelines and Rigorous Testing

We also order from some of the best farms in the country. Before finalizing a purchase, we ensure that the farm we are dealing with adheres to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) guidelines on sustainability, feed, and testing.

All farmed fish must go through an extensive testing process in order to be available to the public. Our suppliers guarantee this through their programs and proper documentation.

By choosing to order from us, you’ll also be supporting efforts to save our planet’s resources. Call us at 780-449-3710 for any questions about our environmental sustainability efforts.